How to offer flowers online in Switzerland when there is a heat wave?

It is obviously a question that everyone asks in the summer: can we always offer bunches of flowers when it is hot or is it better to wait for brighter Days to send a beautiful bunch of flowers? Indeed, if we look at the summer we have this year, with days that are close to 35 degrees, we think that it is perhaps not really reasonable to offer flowers. That the heat will make the bunch fade very quickly and that the effect will be of short duration.

It is true that with such temperatures one must pay particular attention to the care one lavishes on one's bunch of flowers. The more you pamper it, the longer it will hold and the more you will enjoy it. The first thing to know is that a bunch of flowers needs water and fresh water. It will therefore be necessary to change the water every day so that the bacteria do not affect the water and therefore causes the flowers to die. Then do not put your bunch of flowers behind a window because with the sun and the heat that emerges, your flowers will not remain fresh for long.

Choose instead a place away from the glass but still benefiting from a great luminosity. And if no one is home during the day, consider lowering the shutters or the blind to maintain a pleasant temperature in the room. During the night, you can store the flowers in your cellar or a cooler room to give it a boost. This is when you need to change the water. Finally, even if the bunch of flowers will not last as long as the in-season, the most important thing is to have thought of your loved ones by offering flowers. They will not hold you hard if they do not last as long as your previous bunch of flowers.

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