What happens if the person is not at home when buying flowers online in Switzerland?

What a beautiful surprise to receive flowers from a person who is dear to us or even a bunch coming from work to congratulate us or simply to receive a few flowers to say that we think of us.

In this process of transmitting emotions almost as old as the world exists, the entire supply chain must function otherwise the emotion turns sour and no one is really content and satisfied with the situation.

Of course, you have to be extremely attentive when buying flowers on a website in Switzerland such as swissflowers.ch. Indeed the purchase of a bunch of flowers from a florist implies that one sees

the person to who are intended the flowers, in the day or latest in the evening. The effect is guaranteed since we can bring the flowers ourselves.
On the other hand, if you trust a website that will use the services of a partner for delivery, you should pay particular attention to the information provided by the site to know how flowers will arrive at your destination and what happens if no one is present to receive them.

Will the deliveryman return later for delivery? Will he leave the flowers in front of the door or a message asking the recipient to contact him? This information must be absolutely available on the site so that the customer knows the complete process of delivery and so be sure that its flowers will be in good hands to be routed to the person of his choice.

Let's get into the thick of it. How do we handle the delicate issue at swissflowers.ch? Do we have a clear process if a person should not be present?
What happens with the bunch of flowers if the deliverer cannot transmit it? When a customer places an order with swissflowers.ch, he can choose between a bunch of flower and a plant. In case the customer buys a bunch of flowers, we call on our partner SwissExpress for the delivery. The bunch travels during the night to arrive "in good health" the next morning at the delivery address indicated. Normally the recipient is present and the SwissExpress postmaster hands the flowers in hand. If no one opens the door, the postmaster has two choices: he may decide to leave the bunch in front of the door if he feels that there is no risk that the bunch will be stolen by someone. Alternatively, he will leave a notice to the recipient inviting the recipient to contact SwissExpress either to request a new delivery of the bunch of flower or to go directly to the post office indicated to remove the flowers. These are of course totally protected from the cold and the heat and each bunch of flower has a reserve of water so that everything happens in the best conditions.

If the customer has now opted for a plant, it will be shipped by SwissPost in Priority package. The plant will also travel during the night to arrive at the destination the following day. By definition, the plant is in a pot full of soil and is therefore less sensitive to the speed of distribution. What does the Swiss Post Postmaster do if nobody opens the door? Again the latter can leave the plant in front of the door or notify the recipient. He may, according to his availability, go to the post office indicated to withdraw his gift and enjoy his plant for a long time.

To conclude, what is important is to take into account all the possibilities in the logistics distribution process. It is of course more than recommended that the customer ensures that the recipient is present on the day of delivery and thus receives his bunch or his plant as soon as possible. To conclude and to ensure that the transmission of positive emotion through flowers is always present, swissflowers.ch gives a total guarantee as to the quality of the flowers offered and the progress of the delivery. Whatever happens we always guarantee that the positive emotion is transmitted to the recipient.

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