What colours of roses to be offered online and in what number?

We all usually offer flowers and especially roses when we are invited to an evening or when we want to mark an important event in our life or that of a person who is important to us. We can also offer flowers to someone simply on a spontaneous gesture following the envy of the moment. The easiest way is to place an order directly online on a website like ours www.swissflowers.ch.


However, what we do not often know is what colour of flowers to offer and on what occasion. Take for example the rose. It is the most sold flower in the world and in Switzerland we are the world champions of consumption of the rose. Everyone knows that red roses are a symbol of love to offer to the chosen one of our hearts. The red colour symbolizing the passion for love is a clear message: "I love you" But what about the other colours? Do we really have an idea of their symbols?


Offering yellow roses, what's the message? The yellow colour of course recalls that of the sun and therefore of light and harmony. The message is therefore a message of joy of life and friendship. Be careful though because yellow is also associated for many with betrayal and infidelity


White roses express purity and virginity. This is the reason that motivates many newlyweds to choose it during their wedding ceremony. Since white symbolizes purity, white roses and other flowers of this colour are also chosen for baptisms and communions. The message expressed is the purity of feelings and white roses can also be offered to declare a platonic love. Some cultures, as in the United States see in white colour the ideal choice for a funeral bunch.


When we offer pink roses, we send a message of tenderness and great affection. We often speak of soft pink for this colour. These roses are perfect to offer to your own mother and anyone to whom we feel a great tenderness.

Note, of course, do not take these instructions as a general mode of operation because they depend on each culture and each person. To be sure that the message you want to convey is the right one, it is often prudent to attach a small word to the bunch of flowers. And if you do not really know which one of these colours to choose, opt for a multi-coloured bunch of flowers that will certainly make a very nice effect.

1, 2, 3.....10......100

Now what about the number of roses to offer in a bunch of flowers? Are there specific rules? Again, no one will blame you for choosing 4 roses instead of three or 8 roses instead of 7. On the other hand if you really want to follow the rule in this area, it is better to offer an odd number of roses for a bunch below ten. This is simply explained by the visual harmony of the flowers when they rest in their vase. Beyond 10 roses the question of the number to offer is no longer significant, it is more your desire to be gentle that counts and it is always what should guide you when you wish to offer flowers.

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