The 5 gestures that will make your bunch of flowers bought online last longer

How to make a bunch of flowers last for long in a vase? This question has been asked at least a thousand times in one’s life. We received a bunch of flowers for a special occasion and we would like the flowers offered by a site like last as long as possible.

The first thing to know is that not all flowers are equal regarding their lifetime in a vase. Exotic flowers will last longer than wildflowers. This principle can be important when choosing flowers in the store.

1) Choose the right vase
First of all, be sure to choose a suitable vase for its size. In general the vase should not be smaller than half the height of the stems of the bunch of flowers. Note that this rule is not applicable to all flowers. Roses for example like to bathe in plenty of water.

Your container must absolutely be clean. If you have a doubt about its cleanness, wash it again before filling it with water. This will take you two small minutes that will earn you extra precious days to the beauty of your bunch of flower.

2) Remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems
As for the bunch of flowers, it is absolutely necessary to remove the leaves of the stems that are likely to be immersed in the water. Why? -Simply because the water would produce bacteria much faster which will attack the other stems of the bunch of flowers?

3) Cut the stems slantwise
After removing the leaves, cut the stems slantwise to increase the area of ​​absorption of the flower. It is very important at this stage to use only non-serrated sharp knives so as not to crush the stem. Avoid scissors and pruning shears. You can also incise the bottom of the stems to increase the area of ​​absorption and thus allow the flower to store more easily the quantity of water it needs.

4) Keep clear and clean water
Before putting your bunch of flowers in the vase, add in the water the sachet of nutrients for flowers that your florist delivered to you with the bunch of flowers. This sachet contains nutrients and a disinfectant to keep your water clear longer.

5) Choose the right place for your bunch of flowers
Choose a place with a constant temperature and avoid drafts. Do not place your bunch of flowers directly behind a glass because the heat is not an ally to hold your bunch of flowers longer. You can also put your container in a room a little colder at night but without exaggeration of temperature difference. Your flowers will last much longer. A mistake often made is to put the vase on a table next to a basket of fruit. Know that the gas that escapes from the fruits will shorten the duration of your bunch of flowers and it would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

And to conclude...
Observe your bunch of flowers every day and adjust the amount of water if necessary. Also remember to change the water of the vase when it becomes less clear and add a few nutrients for flowers. Also cut the stems of your bunch of flowers.
These small gestures of maintenance will permit in many cases to double the length of your bunch of flowers in its vase and the beauty released by your flowers will certainly worth it.

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