Is it better to always offer a similar bunch of flower or can I be fancy in the choice of my flowers?

Many of our customers are asking us this question. Indeed it is often difficult to know which flowers to choose to compose our bunch of flowers. And when we offered a bunch of flower to the person, we think we must continue to offer a similar bunch to please him. We are in this case completely in unfounded beliefs. Of course each is different and the tastes are also varied from one person to another, but what seems to be rather safe is that the recipients like to receive bunches that do not resemble each other from weeks to weeks or during traditional occasions such as Mother's Day, birthdays etc.

It is very nice you will say to me, because when we finally managed to make a bunch that fits into our budget, which we like and that seems to please the person who is going to receive it, we tend to take each time the same flowers. Of course the florist will help. It will offer us an arrangement with flowers of the moment, but these will not necessarily please us and after 20 minutes in the shop we have only one desire: to go as quickly as possible with the bunch proposed, this is not really or quite as we wanted. To remedy this situation, it is much simpler to go to a website like ours ( to choose quietly the bunch that really meets our expectations, both in the choice of flowers and in the budget allocated. This takes only two to three minutes. As an icing on the cake, you can really choose the next time a totally different bunch or even dare to offer a plant or exotic flowers to change.

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