How to take care of the plants purchased online on the internet?

To please a loved one or simply to congratulate, be forgiven or as a surprise, you can buy a plant  on the internet instead of a bunch of flowers.
In fact, sites like, producers of plants, offer in their online assortment a wide variety of plants that can be delivered everywhere in Switzerland such as in Fribourg or Neuchâtel. The advantage of plants is that they last much longer than a bunch; and by much longer we mean it can even be several years as is the case of olive trees, orange trees and even orchids.

However, to ensure that these beautiful indoor plants can take you away for a long time, you must take care of them adequately and ensure that they do not lack anything.

The first thing to think about is..... Light and not water as one might think. Indeed, plants need a lot of light; this is their main food with water of course.
Where to place your plant then? The easiest way is to find a location behind a glass, within one meter fifty to make sure that the light is sufficient. Beyond two meters, you can be sure that your plant will be lacking and that the leaves will start to yellow.

After light one must think of the heat. Our apartments and houses are heated too much at high degrees, which dry the ambient air and do not suit the plants sufficiently. Ideally, a temperature of 18 degrees and a high humidity should be preferred. Also avoid at all costs to position plants such as orange, laurel, bougainvillea near the radiators.

What about watering? Contrary to popular belief, lack of watering is rarely severe for a plant. Once it receives a little water again, the flaccid leaves and the crumpled flowers return to their original form. On the other hand, too much water is the enemy of apartment plants. When you see the leaves that soften and become all brown, you can be sure that the plant has received too much water.

How much must be given then? Generally it is necessary to water the plants once a week. Of course it depends on the plants; some need even less water like palm trees or ficus.

Lastly, to increase the degree of humidity it is enough to mist the foliage of your plants which will be very charming; with all the care you will carry to it.

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