Have you received a plant purchased online in Switzerland and you were about to go on holiday? How to prevent her from dying until your return?

Yes, it's true! It’s hot, very hot this summer and in some parts of Switzerland it's really the heat wave. No air, sun and a lot, a lot of heat. It even becomes difficult to get around and everything seems to stop in your town, village as well as your neighbourhood. Really the time to go on vacation! Yes but there is a catch. A few days ago you received a magnificent plant that your friends gave you when you moved to your new home. This Olive or Orange tree has found its place among the many other green trimmings that are located throughout your home and that allow you to feel in an environment conducive to happiness.

Holidays yes! But not at any price, you wish once the holiday ends to find all of your cherished plants intact and in great shape to help you move in the good mood the second half of the year. So what do you have to do for your plants to survive until your return? The first thought that comes to mind is of course to entrust them to a member of your family or a friend who could take care of them during your absence. It's hard to take all the little green family to Aunt Jeanne because you really have a lot. Then comes’ the idea of ​​bringing a neighbour to take care of it while you are lounging on magnificent white sandy beaches. The problem is that the neighbours available at this time of the year are rare because they too want to go on vacation at the same time as you. If you still find someone who prefers to leave in September to avoid the crowd so much better for you, you have found the solution.

On the other hand if no neighbours are available or want to take on this delicate task, because they knows how much you are attached to your plants; you are not more advanced than before and you always look for a genius idea that will enable you to leave without being worried. Fortunately, a friend spoke to you two weeks ago of the "best tricks of the moment" to keep his plants alive during your summer escapades:

1) You can buy the first one or make yourself the water container that allow to diffuse the precious substance regularly during your absence when the plant needs it. To make self-made container is very easy, take a plastic bottle and fill it with water. Replace the cap you have drilled several times. Also drill the bottom of the bottle several times and plant it in your container. The plant will use the water it needs throughout your absence. Note: it will take as many containers of water as plants
2) Watering by capillarity: take a bucket of water or a basin and fill it with water. You place it above your plants that you have grouped for the occasion. Simply cut as many cotton wicks as plants and plunge the locks into the bucket of water. Think about making them fit in the bucket through a weight. The other side of the locks is to be planted in the plants so that they can drink the water when they need it.

 3) If your bathroom has a window, you can fill your bathtub by only few centimeters of water and place towels at the bottom so that they are soaked in water. You simply put your plants on the towels, without the saucer obviously, and so will have all the water needed during your holidays. You now know how to take care of your plants during your holidays and you just have to pack your bags and close your apartment. Warning! Last mistake not to commit: do not close your shutters or blinds. Lack of light will surely be fatal to your so adored plants. To conclude and to ensure that the transmission of positive emotion through flowers is always present, swissflowers.ch gives a total guarantee as to the quality of the flowers offered and the progress of the delivery. Whatever happens we always guarantee that the positive emotion is transmitted to the recipient.

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