Can we offer flowers that we bought in Switzerland by internet to a man?

This question comes up all the time. Many of us wonder if it is reasonable to offer flowers to a man when you want to make a gift. Why? Are we afraid of his reaction? Are flowers reserved for women only? Are men afraid of losing their masculinity by receiving flowers?

A university study in the USA wanted to be clear on this thought and tested the effect of flowers on men. They created two groups of male individuals and were offered flowers to the first group without their knowledge. Obviously the second group did not receive anything. The results of this study show that men were for the most part very sensitive to this gift. Their social behaviour at that time changed and they were very communicative and very present in the relationship with the person who offered the flowers. It is still useful to add that this study is of course valid in Switzerland.

On the other hand, what changes between the sexes is the choice of colours. Men seem to appreciate more the bright colours like orange, red and yellow. The graphic line of a bunch, as for example the superb bunches made of exotic flowers, is among the first choices for the male gent. Flowers in a vase are also very popular because men can take them to the office.

In this context, a plant will be perfect to offer to a man: imagine the effect of a small olive tree or orange tree that he can use to decorate his workplace. Definitely a winning choice.

Finally, nothing prevents you from adding a personal touch to your floral gift: a bottle of champagne, an invitation, a fashion accessory or a perfume for example. Take the step and watch his reaction you will certainly have a good surprise.

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