Are the delivery costs of bunches or plants bought on the internet too expensive for Switzerland?

Here is a topic that always raises a lot of reactions from customers of websites selling flowers in Switzerland or even abroad.
Are the delivery costs justified or do they correspond to a new way of making profit by taking a margin on this item?

To answer this question, you need to know what means of transport are used to transport these bunches of flowers throughout Switzerland. For our company, we decided to use SwissExpress as a partner for deliveries of cut flowers. It is the only company in Switzerland that makes it possible to deliver the day after the flowers were ordered to any address; whether in large cities or small mountain villages. Obviously these benefits have a cost that many people know for having already used this service: an individual will pay 18 CHF for an Express to be delivered the next day. It can therefore reasonably be said that any internet flower business that charges a price below this threshold offers delivery at or below this cost.

Take the case of We charge for the delivery of a bunch of flowers 17.90 CHF, whatever the size of the bunch. The flowers arrive the next morning in perfect condition, with the great care provided by our partner SwissExpress and to the treatment option we have chosen, ie manual handling. As you will understand, our delivery price is well below the actual cost of such a service.

What about companies that offer free delivery of your purchased flowers online? As everyone knows, nothing is really free since a delivery service by a partner or a florist with its own delivery has a cost that must be included in the overall price of the bunch. The question you must ask yourself is what bunch will be delivered? If the delivery is included in the price, the florist or internet company will have to choose smaller or cheaper flowers than those presented on his or her site. At this level no one is duped.

In conclusion it should be remembered that everything has a price and that it is in the interest of the end customer to have a transparency on the cost of the service or product purchased. This is why clearly shows prices for each bunch size and delivery costs for cut flowers (17.90 CHF) and plants (9.90 CHF) that are shipped in « Priority » by our partner SwissPost..